Cowan Street Project

cowan street developments

Upon completion of the construction of the sustainable house designed by Gerry Kho Architects, this battle-axe lot underwent a built-strata application.  The layout of the house was designed for strata titling from the beginning which ensured compliance with regulations including setbacks, open space requirements and so forth.

A Built-strata was recommended to the client by GK Property Developments as it iss a more streamline process that is suitable for developers who are offering ‘home and land’ packages.  This is also an excellent choice for unit strata, duplexes and town houses due to the short processing time, cost effectiveness and low capital expenditure.  More importantly, construction can begin a lot sooner.  Additionally, Built-strata titles are assessed only by local council without the need to go through Western Australian Planning Commission [WAPC] which has significant impact on the speed of the overall development process including construction.  Smaller developments like this one will benefit from a quicker and less drawn out procedure.

Our hope for this development is to showcase the potential of small and battle-axe lots in terms of a sustainable approach, both architecturally and feasibility as a long term investment.