ie house melville

IE HOUSE dd 20180118

The proposed development is a set of three, 3 storey units on an awkwardly shaped block.  The intention was to create three strata titled lots upon construction completion [built strata].

Each of the proposed lot areas complied with the minimum R40 requirement of 180m².  Each unit also complied with the required setbacks within each proposed lot.  Despite the unusual shapes of the lots and architectural design, the development achieved Development Approval [DA] quickly [within 4 weeks] considering that the submission was lodged a week before Christmas!

This is an example of a sustainable approach to creating multi-residential and small lot developments.  The main drivers behind the lot configurations were passive solar orientation as well as efficient use of valuable land.

We shared a common goal with our client from the beginning – to strive to be above and beyond ‘standard’ acceptable practice when it comes to land division and designing multi-lot units.  Here at GK Property Developments, we aspire to set a new standard for future developments in the region and this example showcases a working model that demonstrates not only how to achieve maximum yield more efficiently, sustainably and ethically, but most importantly, to create quality developments that contributes to the well-being of the end-users and the community.