What We Do

Whether you are sub-dividing your lot, planning on building a duplex residential, a row of townhouses or multiple units or have dreams of developing a commercial site, we are your ultimate one-stop-shop!

We understand that small scale or first time developers do not have the time to do the chasing or attend countless meetings with council or consultants as most have a full time job and a household to run. Or if you’re a seasoned developer, you just have better things to do and big picture stuff to plan! This is where we come in. Our aim is to be your epicentre where we take you and your project from A to Z, from dealing with council to the planning and design of the development and project management of your project.

List of services
We offer services to the beginner, the intermediate, and the expert developer.

  • Feasibility studies
  • Planning
  • Negotiations with WAPC and council
  • Pre sales services e.g. renders, diagrams, drawings, graphics, marketing literature


GK Property Developments was established in 2007 to service clients specifically from Gerry Kho Architects who were based overseas with developments in Perth and also local clients who were first time developers. Recently, the company has made the official move to offer its services to clients outside of Gerry Kho Architects.

We are a unique consultancy firm with the resources and in-house team of architects, drafts-people, interior designers and project managers as well as relationships with consultants specific to subdivisions and property development such as surveyors, civil engineers and town planners to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Along with our range of design and technical consultants, we’ll plan, design, tender, and project manager your development during construction. We even go a step further and liaise with our product branch, GKA Products, to supply materials and products for your development if you wish. This full package is unheard of with any other development consultancy.

The director

Gerry Kho has been involved in small to large scale developments as an architect and project manager. During his years as an architect, he has designed and managed luxury residential, multi-unit and apartment developments.

Having gone through the process and experienced the journey of consulting seasoned developers, he started this boutique consulting company with the vision that he could apply his knowledge and network to service his clients with a personal approach backed by his team of staff and consultants. He has built relationships with a multitude of councils in Perth and is familiar with their rules and regulations that can be quite overwhelming for those new to developing in Perth.

With his creative background, he will find the best and most desirable solution for you and your site to achieve your objective.


We are a passionate bunch. We have strong work ethics and a set of principles to ensure that we provide the best possible service to our clients which in turn determines our longevity and our business sustainability. This is not just a business to us. We truly believe that there are better ways of approaching developments in Perth. These are the philosophies driving our projects:

Sustainability, resilient + adaptive environments

We strive towards the creation of environmental sustainable communities. We believe that developments can be profitable whilst taking environmental sustainability into account. Developers have a significant responsibility in developing environmental sustainable housing projects. Too often, we see land sub-divided and housing constructed without considering fundamental issues such as block orientation which accommodates for passive solar design of the house for the buyer of the land.

We need to factor in future generations of inhabitants. Will the planning of each site enable enough flexibility for future developments? Can the site adapt to the other uses in the future? Will the current development be able to stand the test of time both physically and demographically?

Communal responsibility

The individuals in our team have either worked, played or lived in other big cities around the world such as Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh and Tokyo. We’ve seen and experienced true urbanism as well as communities that have both succeeded and failed. Ultimately, the developer has an ethical responsibility in the promotion and creation of healthy communities and lifestyles for the inhabitants. Developers have huge impacts on the communities thus we strongly believe that developments must be both environmental sustainable and communal sustainable.


We service clients both North and South of the river. With modern technology and communication, the location of the site is not a limitation. Saying this, our office is located centrally between Fremantle and the CBD. We share the same creative space with our architects and designers. The facility is combined studio, workshop and warehouse where we work, rest and play.